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Performance review discussion

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Wonderflonium Mon 03-Oct-16 16:24:32

My workplace is going to try something new: a performance review meeting about our wellbeing.

The problem is, the discussion questions include points such as
"Do you get enough timely information in order to do your job properly?" and
"Do you receive feedback on the work you perform, including both criticism and praise?"

The problem in a nutshell is this is supposed to be about me and how I am doing, not an appraisal of my boss' leadership. But how am I supposed to talk about my wellbeing when the inability of my boss to lead is a direct threat to it?

I have tried to bring constructive criticism to her before. She either doesn't realise what I have said or she takes it personally, sometimes to the point of tears. I'm usually able to have difficult conversations without upsetting people but don't seem to be able to pull it off in her case.

Is there a professional way through this?

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