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Help me work out my holiday entitlement please!

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Lindorballs Wed 06-Apr-16 08:52:58

I'm hoping some of the clever people on here can help me work out my holiday entitlement.
I work for part time (0.6 Wte 22.5hours/week) for the NHS. I get 33 days pro rata holiday per year + bank holidays (again pro rata). My annual leave year started on 1st April. I am leaving my job and my last day of employment will be 1st July. What am I entitled to before I leave?
Extra info: as I think is common in the NHS we get bank hols as they run over the April to March leave year so because we had Easter in March this year and April in 2017 we only get 6 bank hols this year (so 3.6 for me as a part timer). I work tues-thurs so won't have actually used any of my bank hol entitlement to cover the two bank hols in May. My question is really about whether I get a proportionate amount of bank hol leave to take before I go or not.
Finally I have been off work sick since the end of Feb (going back in 2 weeks) which meant I lost a week of leave that I had booked in March - am I allowed to roll this over (my work have said no) and how will this affect my entitlement?
Thanks for getting to the end of this excessively long post (my first!)

LIZS Wed 06-Apr-16 08:58:59

I think it will be 1/4 of your annual allowance , which is just over 8 days plus the bh. You need to check if here is a limit to carrying over form one year to next and it normally has to be authorised in advance. If you don't take it you might be paid in lieu on leaving.

Lindorballs Wed 06-Apr-16 09:07:59

Thanks for that! And for replying so quickly. Yes that's what I thought. But it was the bank hols that were confusing me. If I was a full timer (or worked Monday) I would have taken 2 days bank hol by the beginning of July because of the May bank hols, which would be more than 1/4 of my bank hol entitlement (only 6 bank hols this year). Would I then owe bank hols back?!
My work don't normally let us roll any leave over but I was hoping they would as exceptional circumstances. I wasn't sure what the legal position was.

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