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Have just phoned in sick...stressed

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Longdistance Tue 22-Mar-16 10:00:50

Don't know where to start with this.

I've been back to work for a year now, after being a sahm, (which didn't suit me) and have done really well in my role now.

There have been several staffing issues, which I have been involved with as have witnessed what was going on. All this happened before Christmas and went into the new year. It all got sorted out in the end, and the people involved were disciplined for it. Whilst this was going on, I was pushed from pillar to post from one office to the next which are 5 miles apart. I work in the office closer to where I live, the other office is a nightmare to get to, and get back from. This went on for around 2 months, where I had to swap with a colleague.

Cue to now, a new guy has been taken on at my office, who is absolutely useless. I have been training him up, and someone from HO was down for the day complimented me highly on my training skills, think head of HR.

This guy has been doing some stuff that I would call sackable. I have recorded all these incidents to my manager in emails, and listed times and dates. He has been with us 2 months now, and still doesn't get it, even though some of the stuff is really basic. This guy is university educated in this field of work we're in, and should theoretically know more than me on this subject. He doesn't. I have to keep a constant eye on him like he's a child. It has doubled my work load, and I cannot carry on with the stuff I'm supposed to be doing, as I'm either cleaning up the mess he's made of procedures/paperwork, or cannot trust him with the customers. I have been through stuff with him over and over in his training, and he still hasn't got to grips with the basics.

There is a 3 month probabation period, that if someone's not good enough they can be let go. Instead the area manager has put him on a two week improvement program as of this week.

For the past few weeks I have felt nothing but dread going to work, and yesterday I spent half the day crying (hiding out back), as I've been left to deal with this guy who's doubled my work load. I've had problems sleeping, and concentrating and it's all gotten on top of me.

I've phoned my boss this morning to tell her I won't be in, and I'm off to the docs this morning.

Has anyone else been in a similar situation? What happened? Are there any coping techniques I could use apart from bashing my head on the desk?

If you've read this far 🍷 Thanks

flowery Tue 22-Mar-16 11:30:33

it's not really clear - are you this guy's line manager or not?

insancerre Tue 22-Mar-16 11:36:20

Be careful that you don't get accused of bullying as I think keeping tabs on someone and sending detailed email!s could be used against you

I would suggest just getting on with your job and leaving the other one to it.

Longdistance Tue 22-Mar-16 12:11:33

I'm not their line manager. That's the point, I'm being used as I'm trustworthy and reliable. I'm also not being paid for the role I'm doing which is two grades up from where I've started. I've had the carrot dangled of ''when you've done the next course, you'll get a pay rise'.

The guy is doing this stuff in the other office too. He cannot deal with customers effectively, and is leaving cash and keys lying around. He refuses to answer the phone and deal with customers. Prime example yesterday when I was already on the phone, he said he knew nothing of the product in question, and refused to get up and even speak with the customer over the phone. The same thing happened when a customer walked in, I was dealing with a customer on the phone, and he palmed the customer off onto me even though he could do what the customer wanted.

Wrt the emails, I have been told to log everything he is doing, and most of it he's doing wrong. I've supported him a lot in everything, and he just hasn't taken anything on board. He's covered me, I've shadowed him, and it's just not working out.

I have actually come to the decision, that as my contract says and my pay is for this certain role, it is not within my remit to do this other stuff.

I've been to the doc and have been signed off. Will be calling my manager in a bit to discuss, and will probably need to go in groans as will need to hand in some keys.

flowery Tue 22-Mar-16 12:46:40

Where is his manager in all this though? Why are you dealing with it/him directly rather than letting his manager do it?

Longdistance Tue 22-Mar-16 13:15:55

Because the manager is at the other office, or away at meetings. She should be dealing with him, but as he's been given the position at my office and I'm there 6 days a week, he's here 4 days, and has been told to work at the other office 2 days to relieve me, and to see if he picks stuff up from others. Which he hasn't.

I've spoken with my manager and told her I'm signed off. I'm going in Thursday with keys and my doctors note.

flowery Wed 23-Mar-16 16:20:35

Your manager needs to sort this out on your behalf with this guy's manager. It's ridiculous that someone else's incompetent team member has resulted in you being signed off sick. Your manager needs to stand up for you and advise this other guy's manager that you are not available to supervise him and cover for his mistakes.

Longdistance Wed 23-Mar-16 21:34:34

Thanks flowery flowers

My manager covers both offices. We are always short staffed.

I have written a list to take with me tomorrow when I take the keys and doctors note in.

The list contains Monday's shenanigans with work colleague adding nails to his coffin and another list demanding my contract be updated including my role title and pay to be sorted for my return to work.

I have a feeling she will ask me to return back early (which I won't be), and I will take the time the doctor has allocated me.

Longdistance Thu 24-Mar-16 16:13:31

Well, I took the keys back, and gave manager the doctors note.

However, the 'chat' went exactly like expected, and I was stonewalled about asking what my position was, and being paid accordingly.
There was too much talk about what was going to happen to the useless guy.

I've actually made the decision to hand in my notice when/if I go back from the sick leave on the 6th of April.

OzzieFem Thu 24-Mar-16 19:24:29

Sounds like the work colleague has relatives in high standing with the company, which is how he feels it is OK to palm work he should be doing back to you. It could also explain why you are being stonewalled by your boss, as he may be in line for a higher position than you, once he knows the ropes. flowers

Longdistance Thu 24-Mar-16 20:00:54

My bf suggested this, but when I spoke with my manager, she said he won't be staying after the 3 month probationary period. They are trying to do the 'right thing', and in the process shitting on me bastards

I was also not asked if I would like some support, which I'm hmm at.

I've already made my mind up about leaving. Their customer service score is gonna go to pot, as I've had the highest score for the year it's been open. My customers know me by name, and I know theirs. I actually won an award for service that everyone in the company knows about.

It's such a shame it's pushed me to this, but I'm happy in the knowledge they are gonna struggle getting someone in, as that's part of the reason we're short staffed.

I am contemplating putting a formal complaint in to HO (which is 100 miles away).

But, atm I'm really angry

Thanks flowers

OzzieFem Thu 24-Mar-16 20:34:24

You never know you might find they will offer you the higher position if they realize they are going to lose a good worker. Good luck OP. wine

Longdistance Thu 24-Mar-16 21:20:45

Thanks Ozzie 🍷

Thought I'd add all the extra stuff about what sort of employee I am.
Unfortunately, for them, I'm a stubborn goat, and won't stay with a company with such poor consideration for their staff. But I would like to put my point across to the head of HR, who was the chap who came to visit for the day and sent a complimentary email to my manager and area manager.

OzzieFem Sat 02-Apr-16 03:34:19

So what happened? Don't keep me in suspense. smile

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