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My company has no maternity policy

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ladywitty2016 Wed 02-Mar-16 14:44:18

I am 17 weeks pregnant and just found out my company has no maternity policy. My manager would like to propose a few terms to HR to ensure I get some kind of contribution from the company and asked if I could find maternity policies that could serve as reference. Would anyone be willing to share their own company policies, especially if they work for the pharma industry?
Any help would be much appreciated!

QforCucumber Wed 02-Mar-16 14:47:45

Some company's don't offer anything extra to government standard, i've just started my maternity leave - good old statutory 6 weeks at 90% and 33 weeks at smp. Even if your manager gets something put together it's not guaranteed to be in place by the time you need your leave.

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