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Any architects/architectural designers out there? I'm considering a career change …

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Giveenoughrope Fri 05-Feb-16 14:54:31

Just that, really.

I started out on an architectural career path, and ended up on another (totally unrelated) which is now proving to be an uninspiring dead end.

I massively miss being creative - it's a huge part of my identity. But, with children to be around for and support and a mortgage to pay, I can't see how I can retrain and make the move. DP isn't in a position to support me if I were to quit work, study and change career.

I'm out of touch with the architectural profession anyway – so don't know if I'm imagining it would be better to work in than it actually is? I was obviously happy to leave it behind before. Perhaps I should look at other creative career options, like graphic design?

Would any architects or architectural designers/technicians be willing to PM me? I'd love to talk through the profession as it is now, realistic earning potential, family flexibility/scope for working part-time, and explore if I have any workable options (financially, time-wise) for picking up where I left off many moons ago. (I don't want to open up with more details on here, in case colleagues recognise me, or anyone else.)

Thanks so much.

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