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Perm to fixed term NHS?

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Gwythr Sun 31-Jan-16 12:26:40

Hi all,

Need some advice from anyone who is familiar with working for the NHS and contracts.

I am currently working in a band 3 clerical job on a permanent contract. I have been offered a more suitable position e.g closer to home, more interesting etc, but on a 12 month fixed term.

They said there may be a chance of getting a permanent position after the 12 months.

Would I be mad to give up a permanent contract to go fixed term? How does it affect sick pay, holidays, increments etc?

Any advice is most welcome.. Thanks in advance

Hotbot Sun 31-Jan-16 13:22:18

Fixed term you have the same rights as a permanent role,just e sure you a.l. Sickness is the same as you have earned now. Would your current job realease you for 12 mths and allow yuo to return ? Only you can say if it's worth it to risk a permanent post. The way things are in the NHS there would be a good chance of it not being made. Permanent .

Gwythr Sun 31-Jan-16 13:39:20

Thanks for getting back to me.. I don't think the current trust would allow the 12 month break and return. Although I am not intending on burning my bridges.

If my length of service has no breaks, will I get me increments too?

I would much prefer the new job, but I have a mortgage and commitments.. Just wondering whether I small silly to give up some security

gamerwidow Sun 31-Jan-16 14:35:38

Fixed term is treated exactly the same as permanent as long as you have at least 2 years length of service. This means that not only does it count as continuous service for annual leave, sick pay, pension etc. it also means that should the contract not be renewed and you are unable to find another job at the end of the term you would get paid redundancy money for your full continuous service.

gamerwidow Sun 31-Jan-16 14:36:34

Sorry for double post. P.s. You would get increments too

Gwythr Sun 31-Jan-16 15:33:38

Thanks gamer.. Unfortunately I am a little short for the 2 years. Although I would hit 2 years service in the middle of the 12 months fixed term

hostinthemaking Mon 01-Feb-16 08:20:48

Hi I did this and as I had more than 4 years service in total and new job was fixed term, they wrote a letter saying even if post wasn't renewed then I was considered a permanent member of staff. As such they had to find me a role but this would be through organisational redeployment. So I have now ended up in a permanent post which is more hours and more suitable to me than the original one I entered into the NHS.

Gwythr Mon 01-Feb-16 19:57:55

hi Host.. That is very interesting.. My service is alot less than that, but this has given me more peace of mind.. Thank you

By the time I actually start the role, I will be a couple of months from the 2 year mark

gamerwidow Tue 02-Feb-16 06:46:37

It's your service by the end of the role that's important so I think you'll be ok. Probably worth a double check with hr just to be on the safe side.

MrAliBongo Tue 02-Feb-16 08:24:37

Are you in a union? They will be able to give you specific advice, but there are two thresholds to pay attention to: 2 years continuous service, you become entitled to redundancy payouts; 4 years continuous service your contract automatically becomes permanent unless they have recently informed you of specific, valid business reasons why it won't. What you need to check with HR and your own timing, before you change roles, is that you maintain that continuous service.

Gwythr Tue 02-Feb-16 18:23:05

The new job is with a new trust to the one I currently work for.. The new job states that it is definitely fixed term, but I have been told by mouth there may be scope for it to be extended.
But my service will be continuous.
I am a member of unison, so I might ask them in a little more detail.

It is just the unknown, if they decided to not extend the period or take me on permanent.

SecondmentWoes Tue 09-Feb-16 21:29:54

I did this. Gave up my band 3 permanent contract for band 6, full time, 2 year fixed term. I have been told that if the contract is not renewed, I will be eligible for re-deployment. Continuous service is unaffected etc.

Gwythr Wed 10-Feb-16 19:02:50

So the general consensus is that if the job is more fitting.. There is no harm moving to fixed term? Looks like I am going to take the new position.. Can't help but still be a Lil reserved.. Maybe it's my natural mistrust of management!

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