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Is this unfair or fair enough?

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Babytalkobsession Sat 16-Jan-16 22:00:13


I work for a large well known company. I'm a team manager and look after a team of 12. I've always loved it but lately found the demands getting more and more and I've found the endless issues associated with managing people completely unfulfilling.

A vacancy came up within the same wider departartment for an analytical / operational role with no direct reports. Same level / pay as my current role.

The vacancy was advertised internally and externally. I applied, and was successful. I was so pleased.

However, this is my issue. At interview I was 10 weeks pregnant (no one knew). When I was made the offer I told them immediately (12 weeks at this stage). Was reassured it made no difference.

4 weeks later still waiting for my current boss to agree a transfer date. I assumed 1st February. However, I've now been told that she can't release me until April, and 'the business' feels it's not worth training me in new role for a few months only to have to train my maternity replacement. So I'm staying put in the team manager role until I return from mat leave.

Is this fair? I got the job fair & square and now, because of Mat leave told I can't take it up. I feel uncomfortable about it, like there's a case for unfair treatment?

What do you think? Interested to hear. Thank you.

Boosiehs Sat 16-Jan-16 22:01:45

Prima facie discrimination.

It's only January. Why can't your boss release you until April?

Babytalkobsession Sat 16-Jan-16 22:11:55

The department I look after now has been a mess for a long time. I was brought in 6 months ago with another team manager to teen it around. We've worked bloody hard together and made a lot of progress but still lots to do. My boss explained it to me that she has so much trust in me and colleague to deliver, and doesnt have confidence in anyone else coming in to replace me at this stage.

But I don't want to do it anymore, I want the job I got fair and square I know I'd be good at it. Feel a bit stuck. Historically I am a bit of a yes person so get moved around to where the 'business' needs me. I'm really put out that when I want to do something it isn't supported.

tribpot Sat 16-Jan-16 22:28:59

Who's covering the work of your new role currently? Presumably no-one, which in some way makes it easier to continue to live without it. However, why isn't your new line manager kicking off? Having gone through the utter ballache of recruitment he/she is still months away from actually having someone in post. It would be much easier if he or she played the bad cop on this.

Your current boss needs to accept that you're going and start the process of replacing you. The sooner the better for all concerned - teams can't work effectively when it's known a leader is a lame duck, for want of a better term (I mean because you're moving on, not because of the pregnancy!). It's tough crap if your boss only trusts you to do it, that's bollocks - if you left the firm she couldn't hold you to a four month notice period, she'd have to suck it up and get on with it. The new role is no different.

Have you spoken to HR about it? I'd be concerned in their shoes that this vacancy has been justified but apparently can remain in limbo for months.

Babytalkobsession Sat 16-Jan-16 22:36:01

I believe they're going to readvertise for the vacancy as a 12 month secondment. I haven't spoke to HR, I only found out on Friday and now on annual leave for a week.

My understanding is that new boss was annoyed but him and current boss sit on the same senior leadership team, and the Head of made the final decision based on what works best for the business overall.

I absolutely get the need for flexibility, but it feels pretty one sided!
Thanks for you replies smile

thatstoast Sat 16-Jan-16 22:40:24

Probably shouldn't have told them but too late now. Are you a member of a union? They might be able to get things moving if you're lucky. I would be surprised if that job is still open when you return. Sounds like they've really docked you over.

tribpot Sat 16-Jan-16 22:47:07

Er, how are they going to readvertise the vacancy as a 12 month secondment? You presumably have not yet given them formal notice of your intentions with regard to maternity leave - it's bloody months away. For all they know you could intend to use 3 months and your DH the rest. (Strictly speaking, for all they know you could be carrying this baby as a surrogate - I know this is now rather far-fetched but my point is, they are making decisions about your availability for work which are not warranted at this point).

I'd start pushing at minimum for the recruitment of your replacement in the current role - that is a permanent replacement rather than a secondment and there is no reason for that not to begin, given it could take some time. They don't want maternity cover for that role, they should want someone in post at least for when your mat leave starts, preferably sooner.

I would speak to the Head of yourself and express disappointment - they are trying to make a fairly simple problem more complex. The fact is you have been accepted for a new post. Current boss needs to recruit to replace you. New boss has got the unfortunate problem of having to find maternity cover for the post but better to have someone in post and getting to grips with the role before deciding exactly what kind of cover is most appropriate. It's quite clear none of this would be happening if you weren't pregnant. I really would speak to HR to find out whether this is in line with policy.

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