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Currently on secondment and i'm pregnant.

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Scouse749 Thu 07-Jan-16 16:14:52

Hi everyone, first post here so apologies if this is in the wrong place.

I am currently on a secondment with a local authority, the secondment is due to finish in Feb but it is more like an open ended secondment as it just keeps getting extended. I have just found out I am pregnant and I am really worried that going off on maternity leave will effect my secondment (ie-when I come back off Maternity they will put me back down to my substansive post which is for the same authority but a pay grade below). Does anybody know if they can do this? If the secondment is still available-ie if somebody is back filling MY maternity, do I have the right to go back to that post??

Hope that makes sense, thank you in advance smile

Scouse749 Sat 09-Jan-16 17:38:57


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