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Ok - i need a kick up the butt from you lot

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TreeTreeTree Wed 06-Jan-16 12:01:47

Right - I need you lot to put me in some order please, feeling grumpy and fed up and need to get out of this funk

I am currently in a role, where (like the rest of the world) we are understaffed as for various reasons, recruitment is happening . They have now moved one of the team in to the manager role on a secondment, which means we have less staff

I'm generally just feeling fed up by the favoritism shown to this person, but dont want it to affect me or my job or my health by feeling this resentment - apart from finding a new job - how do i move on??

JemimaMuddleDuck Wed 06-Jan-16 18:45:41

What do you want? More staff? If so, ask and see what their response is. Depending on whether you get a solution to your problem you can they decide whether you should stay or leave. You're in control of the situation and unless people vote with their feet employers won't do anything.

Not a lot you can do about the favouritism except suck it up!

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