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Work anxiety

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Nanodust Tue 17-Nov-15 14:04:02

I suppose I'm looking for some reassurance or some tough talk to snap me out of the anxiety I'm currently experiencing.

I work in a role where I constantly receive excellent appraisals, have been internally recognised for delivering and seem to be well thought of.

However the head of dept. rarely acknowledges me, doesn't invite me to meetings I should be at and sometimes criticises me, unfairly IMO. I have approached the criticism in the past by asking for more information and have been told that I have over reacted. He know labels me as someone who over reacts, despite feedback from others the suggest the opposite.

There have been some discussions about merging some departments, though very little has been discussed. As a recent management meeting another manager asked whether my team and I would be redundant after the merger, my head of dept did not say anything. When I approached him later he said I was over reacting and should just ignore the comment. However recently people in other depts are now calling me to ask if my team will be redundant.

I have asked for clarification from the head of dept and he brushes me off as being paranoid/sensitive. In addition I have asked to work on the project to develop the new merger and he has suggested getting someone from outside/another department (ie, not me) would be better, despite the fact I have the experience and the quals.

I really love my job and where I work. I'd be happy to retrain into a new job is required and have a track history of embracing change and working in new ways. Some have suggested that the head of dept is rather insecure and he feels threatened by me.

Could I just be made redundant? Does it sound like my head of dept is being unfair? Oh dear, as you can see I'm rather anxious!!

daisychain01 Tue 17-Nov-15 17:50:24

There seems to be a lot of conjecture and rumour about the future rather than official company facts.

I would suggest you request a formal meeting with your direct line manager to discuss facts.

This will dispel the perception that you over react. You just want clarity about the company it's strategy/future direction, and how it relates to you as an employee.

I would make a list of your concerns and take them in. Take notes during the meeting as you run through each of your concerns. It gives a message you are putting aside emotion and want hard facts.

Do you think this approach is realistic for you? Would it address your anxiety?

Nanodust Tue 17-Nov-15 20:03:32

Thank you daisy, great advice. I will follow up on this and the approach you suggest is excellent.

daisychain01 Thu 19-Nov-15 14:06:17

All the best stay strong x

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