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Probation period extended after it had ended!

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Fuzzy79 Sun 01-Nov-15 10:48:12

Some advice please!

Started a new post 6 months ago. Probation was set at 3 months. 3 months passed and I continued to work, by 4 months I asked my boss about having a meeting and was verbally told "of course you have passed probation" I was also told that they would love to offer me a more senior post if I could do more hours ( I work 4 days 10-4). I said not yet as children too young. Went on holiday, came back to be told that they had offered someone else the other role. Next thing I know I am told that my probation period was being extended by 6 weeks. They gave me a list of things to focus on, which I did but it was clear that they were now pushing me out. I know that the business is massively behind budget and suspect that now they have a full time person they no longer have a need for me. I have now been told that they are terminating my employment with a months pay. I am aware that employment rights don't really start for 2 years but do I have any rights having been told verbally that I had passed probation and then have it extended outside of probation?


flowery Sun 01-Nov-15 17:49:59

Normally the only thing that changes once probation is passed is that the notice period is longer. So your argument would be that you should be given whatever notice period would apply after probation. You say you were given a month- is the post-probation notice period longer than that?

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