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Job sharing

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civilfawlty Tue 13-Oct-15 09:26:56

Hello. I'm about to start line managing job sharers. It's their first time sharing a role. I wondered if any managers or job sharers themselves have any advice please?

Many thanks

atticusclaw2 Tue 13-Oct-15 09:29:28

It works best with an overlap. If there is no overlap they can spend ages trying to get up to speed with what the other has done.

Entirely depends on the job though.

Sparkletastic Tue 13-Oct-15 09:32:15

I job share at the moment and have in the past on a long-term basis. It depends on the seniority of the people you manage. I've never needed my line manager to get too involved in the mechanics of the JS - I sort that with my partner. I've never gone for the 'mirror' approach to dividing the role. Although we can cover effectively for one-another we are responsible for different aspects / projects. This works better for me but I'm fairly senior management and in a specislist role in terms of expertise.

Sparkletastic Tue 13-Oct-15 09:32:50

And yes we overlap for half a day

KiwiJude Tue 13-Oct-15 20:51:59

I've had two job share positions. Both had an overlap of an hour, one also had a book that we could write down notes.

In one job we each had specific areas of responsibility, in the other we both just did whatever came in while we were there which worked well up for us but if one of you was a slacker then there was potential for taking the mickey.

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