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Am I entitled to a copy?

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Darthvadar123 Sun 13-Sep-15 11:27:59

....of my reference from my employers?

I handed my notice in two weeks' ago after my probationary period ended as I've secured a better paid position somewhere else (subject to references).

The firm I currently work for is small (10 or so staff) and the manager told me last week that he'd been sent the standard form refernce from my new employers and he'd filled it in and sent it off.

So....I said to him I'm entitled to a copy of that can I have one. He seemed to get a bit flustered and said I'm not sure you are entitled to it but I've no problem with giving you a copy. He said he'd never been put on the spot like that before (small firm, not much staff turnover) and he looked embarrassed especially when I asked another member of staff in front of him to back me up. He has provided me with a copy and its a glowing refernce but I'm wondering now whether I should have asked him and wondering if he felt railroaded into it IYSWIM.

Was I entitled to ask him to provide me with a copy?

addictedtosugar Sun 13-Sep-15 11:35:49

I think you can ask the new employer (as it forms for art of your employment file) but not the old one, as it is personal correspondence.

Darthvadar123 Sun 13-Sep-15 11:39:19

Thanks, so I shouldn't have asked him then...oops!

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