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Employers not paying full wage

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monkeysox Tue 25-Aug-15 20:51:20

A large local company (thousands of employees) has only paid 30% of the payment stated on payslips to their employees today. They have said the rest will be paid by Friday.
They state cash flow problems for the delay. Surely this is not allowed?
Would you recommend employees search for new jobs?

flowery Tue 25-Aug-15 21:34:38

In answer to your second question, yes. That is not a good sign and personally I'd be looking elsewhere before thousands of others are.

in answer to your first question, it depends what their contracts say as to when they are entitled to be paid.

If they are entitled to be paid by 25th of the month, then yes technically paying them some money late is a breach of contract.

But realistically if it's only a question of a couple of days it's not something it would be worth pursuing legally as a one-off.

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