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Childcare vouchers/ car allowance/ SMP specific question!

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MainlyGuesswork Thu 16-Jul-15 09:25:00

Hello I hope someone may be able to help answer this:

I'm on mat leave with DS2 currently. I know that during this time my employer has to continue paying the childcare vouchers without deducting them from my SMP.

I am also in receipt of a car allowance which continues to be paid whilst I'm on mat leave.

However, I'm wondering whether the car allowance of £234 per month, will actually be considered as sufficient income over and above SMP to mean that the vouchers of £243 are deducted from this after all?

So far I've been on the first 6 weeks money higher rate so until end of this month I won't know what deductions are made (our payroll people are utterly hopeless at providing answers to this kind of thing so no point even asking them).

I had been feeling quite pleased that I'd continue to get the vouchers and the car allowance thereby supplementing crappy SMP to go a bit further! But now worried that they will cancel each other out?

Does anyone have an insight to this? It's different from last mat leave as wasn't doing the vouchers then.

Also: do the childcare vouchers stop being paid when the SMP stops for last 3 months of year's mat leave?


baffledmum Sat 18-Jul-15 19:13:36

Hi, Yyour childcare vouchers will remain in place throughout your mat leave for a full 52 weeks. If you have sufficient pay then your employer can deduct your vouchers from that pay but they cannot deduct from SMP.

I think as they have continued to provide your allowance that they view the allowance as a benefit rather than pay, in which case it's probable you'll continue to revive both but I am interested in what others have to say. And what actually happens.

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