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APMP has anyone done the course and exam?

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Mummyinamask Thu 09-Oct-14 16:33:51

I am due to do the course and exam but am wondering if I should pull out. I am part way through the prep for the course but more of it is new to me than I was expecting and I'm worried there is too much to learn.

Has anyone done the course and exam in a week? If I get a lot of guidance and can do very focused exam revision I might be ok. If I need to be familiar with all/most of the syllabus I'm stuck!

All I read suggests it's a tough exam. I am happy to work but am worried there is just too much!

Any thoughts from 'old hands' much appreciated.

Mummyinamask Thu 09-Oct-14 19:38:36


Mummyinamask Thu 09-Oct-14 20:30:36


couldbeanyone Mon 20-Oct-14 16:04:27

Hi only just seen this, hope not too late, I have done APMP. It is very much about exam technique and focused revision. There are topics that come up in pretty much every exam while others hardly ever come up. So common things such as project start up/closure, risk, scheduling are very likely to come up. Some of the more obscure things, less often. If you have a mathematical brain do earned value management, if you don't, leave well alone. Pick subjects you have work examples for as they can be drawn upon in the exam.

For the exam, be vigilant on your planning eg 15 mins per question and move on to the next one regardless. Otherwise you will get bogged down in detail that won't actually score you many more marks, if any.

Any specific questions please ask. I have some revision material with sample questions.

rookiemater Fri 31-Oct-14 16:52:30

Probably too late so I will keep it quick. There is a lot to cover in the week, too much to go into detail and I found it frustrating because there were lots of areas where I would have enjoyed spending a bit more time finding out how they worked. Ultimately the week is about getting you through the exam, and you will have to do at least 2 hrs additional work each evening.

As couldbean says, exam technique is critical. Be ruthless with your timings, read the question at least twice, if you are a couple of minutes into a question and are struggling, park it and either come back or pick a different one. I scraped a pass which I was surprised about as I thought I had done ok, but I think to score the high marks you need to provide lots of relevant examples.

Don't do it to build up project knowledge - I have forgotten everything I learnt as it was all about cramming it in for the exam, do it for the qualification.

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