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Anyone work in Retail Management?

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DoNotDenyMe Fri 15-Aug-14 14:11:31

It's never been an easy job- fast paced,unrealistic expectations etc... I'm very conscientious, a meticulous planner/organiser and do well in quarterly and annual reviews.
The last month has been HORRENDOUS! I know of 4 mgrs in my store that have been reduced to tears this week due to the sheer stress of it! I am wanting to try for another baby next yr, we have bills to pay... I can't simply walk out (although I'm hopefully starting a college course next month).
I work part-time- i am being expected to cover my dept's holidays (full time workers) and participate in duty mgt rota. All whilst fitting my shifts around my partners so we can care for dd!
I could cope with swapping/changing shifts, staying over a BIT, but i cannot double my hrs!
Enough is enough! Tried to talk to store mgr yesterday... 'take the emotion out of it' was what he and Personnel keep saying!!!
Is everyone else feeling a bit like this at the moment? If not, and you would genuinely recommend your employer (retail)- where should i look???

I've left retail management since having Ds but did about 17 years before that. The last company I worked for was Mamas & Papas and I was pretty happy there - no crazy hours, great holiday allowance (7 weeks iirc), approachable senior management. However, they've been taken over and the MD has moved on so it could have changed. My Dp is a manager for Lacoste and is fairly happy there as the hours are sensible and the bonus scheme is pretty good so he gets some bonus every month.

Avoid Dunelm Mill - nearly made me ill working there and I ended up resigning and going travelling.

Unfortunately I think retail management is getting harder - staff cuts mean you will be doing a staff job as well as a management job.

DoNotDenyMe Sun 17-Aug-14 21:56:25

Thank you for your reply.
As I say, never been easy but always manageable.
The CEO of the company I work for takes over in Oct- hopefully positive changes will be made. I do now however realise that I need to be more proactive in getting retrained (sooner than intended) and maybe get used to the fact that our family finances are going to have to suffer in order for me to do so.

My finances have taken a huge hit since I decided that I was going to step doen from management (22k less shock) but I'm much happier for it. Customers expectations are getting higher and higher but there's no way of fulfilling them with crappy wage budgets, inflexible staff (not blaming staff btw - no ones going to break their back for minimum wage) and ever more internet competition.

Whatever you decide to do good luck, its a much harder job than most people realise.

DoNotDenyMe Mon 18-Aug-14 15:14:17

Thank you smile

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