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Went from 5 days to 4 days, am I being paid correctly?

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OuterFromOutersville Thu 03-Apr-14 07:53:55

I went from working 5 days to 4 days per week, but my payslip has always just shown this as a deduction, ie as me working 37.5 hours per week, then with 7.5 hours per week being deducted. This does t seem right, won't it muck up PAYE?

OuterFromOutersville Thu 03-Apr-14 07:54:33


prh47bridge Thu 03-Apr-14 09:22:36

PAYE is only interested on how much you actually earn. The number of hours you work plays no part in the calculations whatsoever. You are being paid for 30 hours a week which is the correct amount. Your PAYE should therefore also be correct.

OuterFromOutersville Thu 03-Apr-14 10:20:08

My intuition is that because of my personal tax-free allowance, and the expectation that I will pay my tax spread over all of the hours that I am expected to work, this will therefore be incorrect. Hmm.

prh47bridge Thu 03-Apr-14 12:28:35

No it won't. As I said the number of hours you work plays no part in the PAYE calculations whatsoever. Your allowance is spread over your pay periods, not individual hours. So if you are paid weekly each week you receive one week's worth of your tax free allowance. If your tax free allowance is £10,500 that means you will get £201.92 tax free every week regardless of the hours worked or the way the employer expresses those hours. The fact they have chosen to show you working 37.5 hours and then deducted 7.5 hours makes absolutely no difference.

OuterFromOutersville Thu 03-Apr-14 22:36:58

Thanks prh smile.

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