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Should I make a formal grievance against my boss?

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gdives Tue 25-Mar-14 22:44:03

I'm a waitress, part time since I had children. Previously I was in a full time managerial role with the same company. I have enjoyed having less responsibility, less hours and am actually not much worse off financially due to good gratuities (quite the charmer, me!) since stepping down. I have had no issues with previous managers who have been happy with my work.

New boss started end of last year, several people not keen, one girl left quite sharply. My problems started in November and have been ongoing since then. Being made to feel that I am not doing my job properly, snide passive-aggressive comments about how I do my job, frustrated looks and eye rolling etc. When I am on shift by myself and get busy, I am made to feel like it is an imposition to ask for the support , conversely, when I am absolutely fine dealing with a busy shift I get a ticking off for not doing something immediately when I am actually, y'know, taking an order or serving hot food. I don't get the support I need to do my job to the best of my abilities.

It has now got to the stage where I get so fraught/angry when he treats me like this that I can't concentrate on what I'm doing meaning he gets even more pissed off with me. Any time I have tried to bring this up I get my head bitten off and told that I'm his best waitress so why can't I do the job properly? At least two other employees are as unhappy as me.
It all kicked off yesterday, I spent most of my shift trying to stop the tears of rage rolling down my face. I don't want to go back. I don't see the point of a job that I don't enjoy. I have spoken to a friend in HR, checked the company policies and really, really want to make that grievance. Any thoughts would be appreciated...

flowery Wed 26-Mar-14 07:57:03

Who would be hearing your grievance, is there a boss above him?

gdives Wed 26-Mar-14 08:04:02

Morning flowery. I would make the grievance to his direct manager and would cc in the HR department. His boss would be the one doing the investigation.

flowery Wed 26-Mar-14 08:20:57

Hmm. It's difficult, because although of course you absolutely have the right to raise a grievance, realistically, relations with line managers can suffer significant or permanent damage as a result so I'd always suggest trying everything else to resolve it first. Grievances are by their nature a formal and stressful procedure, and you'd be continuing to work alongside him while also putting him through this. Not that he doesn't deserve it of course, but you need to be aware and think about the realities of what will be involved.

In terms of outcome, he might be disciplined, or if there is a significant problem with staff generally (rather than just a problem with you), he might be dismissed, as he's only been there 5 minutes.

Do you know anyone in HR you can talk to? If you do, it might be an idea to speak to them, explain the problems you are having and get their advice on dealing with it.

Have you had a conversation with your manager directly about your concerns about how he is managing you?

gdives Wed 26-Mar-14 08:40:04

Thanks for your replies flowery. Initially I did not want to go back, I am still dithering on that one, but if I did there are lots of branches within the same town so I would probably be moved to another branch. Should have explained in my OP but felt it was long enough already!

I will be phoning HR today, an old colleague of mine has given me some good names to talk to.

I have tried to speak to him a few times about this but it has not been resolved. Rather than a conversation about his treatment of staff, it becomes a conversation about how I am not doing my job properly. I don't think he realises he is such an arse, he sees himself as a great manager.

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