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25 weeks pregnant - is there any point applying?

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Trying not to make this too long winded...
Have been working for a small family run business, work from home admin type job for 2 years, and currently 25 weeks pregnant with first baby.
Plan was to take mat leave (only get statutory pay, no mat package from employer) for 4-6 months then share the remainder of my stat. mat leave/pay with DH so he could have time at home with baby on paternity leave/pay and I could keep working from home on my usual full time wage (or perhaps decrease hours slightly depending on ££££)
The business is not doing well money wise and I have been asked to cut hours down to part time (18 hours per week as of 1st April) which is going to have a huge affect on us financially but I have agreed to as the alternative was I will lose my job altogether.
We will manage on DHs full time wage and my stat mat pay for so long, but long term doesn't look like I'll have the option to go back to this job full time, or anything over 18 hours (if at all, may still go bust altogether sad)

I have found 2 jobs I'd love to apply for, and would have as soon as I saw them if not pregnant) but my question is - is it even worth applying for them? I intend to work full time until as close as possible to my due date, obviously don't expect any maternity pay/package and would be looking to return to work when DC is around 4 months. (DH would be full time childcare then start looking at other childcare options when the stat paternity leave ends.

And...if do apply do I need to mention I am pregnant in the application, or could I wait I to mention it if I was lucky enough to get an interview? (Don't think I'd be able to hide it now)

Thanks in advance for any advice thanks

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