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have no faith in my work. what are my options?

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Avacathar Sun 02-Mar-14 16:04:13

Hi all!
Posted on here a few days ago. basically got my payslip on wed and they haven't paid me any sick-pay (entitled to company). well anyway i rang my employer to try and sort this and I've chased them up three times as they wont call me.

My rent goes out tomorrow and i have had to borrow money as i was about 130 short in wages.

they messed up on about 6 colleagues' wages but I spoke to someone today; his along with my other colleagues have been sorted, however not mine. I have spoke to CAB and have an appt in two weeks! what am i meant to do? I've had to cancel all direct debits and plead poverty to bank so they don't take out account fee this month?

how am i meant to work for employers that cannot do anything right?? I woke up in the night scratching my fingers (started as irritant from work chemicals- got a docs note- which was ignored-docs reinforced and was listened to was ignored before i was signed off) now its sore and bleeds, this is why I'm signed off.

I cannot go back to work?! I'm going to wait until i I have spoken to CAB but looks like I'm going to have to resign...whats going to happen? they are making it impossible for me to work, they aren't even making it possible to pay my rent?!!?

flowery Sun 02-Mar-14 16:48:41

Why can't you go back to work, are you still signed off sick?

There's been an error in your pay a few days ago. It seems premature to assume it will not be put right and I'm not sure why you think you need to resign-surely that won't help your financial situation?

If you don't get confirmation from your manager/payroll that your pay will be corrected you should raise a grievance.

Avacathar Tue 04-Mar-14 21:22:54

Hi, Yes I'm still signed off I've been called into a welfare meeting this week. The problem was put right (6 days after I reported it) but this is the second month there has been a considerable mistake with my wages. I am due back to work next week and will be going back, I think I've just got very upset with the way work handled the situation. I have been with my employer for three years so think it would be a real shame to give up work, shame money doesn't grow on trees huh? xxx

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