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Friend dismissed after 2 weeks

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MrsGreensHat Mon 20-Jan-14 12:36:29

My friend started a new job two weeks ago. The first two weeks were training at a different branch. Today was her first day in her role at her actual branch. As soon as she got there she was told by the manager they were going to have a meeting about her training. My friend was told that the manager who had been training my friend didn't think she was suitable for the role. As a result, my friend was today dismissed, but told they would pay her until the end of the week.

Is this really allowed? I feel so bad for her. She has signed a contract with them, which she is going to read over again. She left her previous job for this, so she's now left unemployed. I just want to get some advice I can pass on to her.

This has really knocked her confidence as she was out of work for most of last year and got a job just before Xmas. She left that one to start this one as it was a higher position, more money, and she had actually applied for this job first and have 3 interviews. But she was offered the other job first just before Xmas, so she took it because she really needed a job. Two weeks after starting that job, she was offered this one. I just feel terrible for her, that she left one job to start this one and is now left with nothing.

lilyaldrin Mon 20-Jan-14 12:41:02

Yes, it probably is allowed - does her contract say a week's notice during the probation period?

If she has a different notice period in her contract then they would have to honour that. However, in the first two years of employment and employer can give you notice for any reason they want so long as it isn't discriminatory.

flowery Mon 20-Jan-14 12:44:26

Oh dear. No there's nothing she can do, as long as they pay her her notice, they are perfectly entitled to dismiss her as long as it's not for a discriminatory reason or anything like that.

The good news is she got offered two jobs in quick succession which obviously means she is coming across well/putting in good applications.

Unfortunately by only sticking at the first job she was offered in months for a couple of weeks, and then getting dismissed from the second one so quickly, she's got a bit of work to do as presumably she will struggle to get a helpful reference from either.

I don't suppose the job she ditched would have her back would they?

MrsGreensHat Mon 20-Jan-14 12:52:15

Thanks for the quick responses.

I'm not sure what her contract says about notice period but maybe that's why they're paying her for the full week. I will let her know that probably counts as her notice from them.

Yes she did leave the first one very quickly. She'd already had two interviews for this job and she really, really wanted it. Then she had an interview for the other job and was offered it almost straight away so she took it because she didn't know what would happen with the job she really wanted, as these two interviews were spread over a long time so she didn't know how long it would be until she heard back again. So she thought it better to take the job she didn't want as much, rather than risk waiting out on this one and then not getting it either. She was then given a third interview while at the other job and then an offer. But now she's left with none anyway! Just doesn't seem fair but I understand it's within their right.

Not sure if the other place would take her back after she started and left so suddenly.

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