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No idea of what job I'm doing when I return from ML next month

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mrsm1984 Thu 22-Aug-13 22:05:01

Apologies for the length, but I'm out of my depth and looking for some advice.

My organisation underwent a restructure concluding a month before I went on ML. Out of this restructure, I suffered a change in work location (further away from home) along with another employee, and a loss of four days leave. The decision appeared to be based on the proximity of our homes to the new work location meaning we were the only two employees who would not be entitled to a relocation allowance.

I was told "informally" that it was unlikely I would be based at this location on my return to work as a position was coming up in my existing location which I could go in for.

Nothing further being said, I wrote to my work in March to request part-time working arrangements. I was called in for a meeting, and told that this should be ok, in principal, but they weren't sure where I'd be based or what I'd be doing, and they'd let me know "by August". I've had nothing in writing.

Well, I haven't heard anything. I technically start back in a month (although I'm using up some leave) and I still have no idea where I'll be based. As a result, I've had to choose a nursery near my home rather than my work (which isn't ideal) and it's very hard to plan what I'll need to do. It's also very unsettling to not know where I stand.

To add to the situation, I bumped into a colleague recently who had also suffered the loss of leave (due to length of service) and she said her days have not been taken from her. I'm quite annoyed by this, because those four days I would have accrued whilst off are the equivalent of two weeks leave on my part-time hours, which is pretty material.

I feel a bit irritated having to constantly be in touch with work (during the period of maternity pay, mine was wrong each month without fail) and I know they'll get it wrong next month as well as I doubt anyone bothered telling payroll I would be using up leave.

Does anyone have any advice or know where I stand legally? Do they have to tell me where I'll be based? I think I'll query the leave reduction in person and ask to see evidence that all other employees have suffered the same.

AlphaBetaOoda Fri 23-Aug-13 17:23:45

Do you have a union to query stuff for you? Or at least a HR contact ( since you don't have a manager) who you can nag at?

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