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can they twist words to make them fit?

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Arianasmummy Mon 01-Jul-13 14:15:14


i'm currently part way through a grievance. Employer changed my role and also put in a manager whilst i was on Maternity leave. I was not informed of the vacancy nor was i consulted on the changes.

I have just had an interview with an Investigating HR officer. She highlighted a paargraph from a letter that was sent me. it says "before starting your maternity leave it is advisable to have a discussion to agree the level of contact you would prefer to maintain." it goes on to say "Should you wish to be advised of any relevant internal vacancies that may occur please ensure your manager is aware of this."

When i read this - i read it as meaning other positions in the company, not vacancies due to direct changes in my role

In addition, the letter was sent 3 weeks after i had started my mat leave. Also - i didn't have a proper leaving interview as there was no reelvant manager around - i spoke with a manager and stressed that i was only taking 6 months mat leave to protect my role. He told me not to worry my job would be OK.

Has anybody any advice please?


flowery Mon 01-Jul-13 14:38:57

I'm not sure "twisting words to make them fit" is the issue here...

A new manager position would be a vacancy and so she is right that if you said you didn't want to know, that would include that role.

However, where your role was changed, you should have been involved and consulted and as part of that, you would have been told about the restructuring and new role. Focus on the lack of consultation and involvement, because that would have automatically meant you knew about the new role anyway.

Any HR person with half a brain knows that even if someone specifies that they don't want to know about vacancies, if there is one coming up which directly affects their role, you let them know anyway.

Not sure what you mean by a "leaving interview"?

Arianasmummy Mon 01-Jul-13 15:32:07

Thanks for your reply Flowery.

By leaving interview i meant - leaving work to go on Maternity leave interview/meeting. When i left there was a change in my Managers, neither were available to speak with me to say goodbye and to agree the process if i wanted to use keeping in touch days etc. I was keen to speak with my Manager to yet again remind them that as i was only taking 6 months mat leave i was entitled to the same role on my return. I never told them that i didn't want to know about any new positions.

I agree entirely with your comment about any HR person with half a brain etc.....however, they didn't let me know. I think management are now trying to use that paragraph against me.

I will be focussing on the complete lack of consultation.

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