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Taking time off for emergency care of a dependent..

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FrayedKnot Tue 23-May-06 20:28:56

Ok, it's happened, I've been in my new job nearly 3 months & DS has fairly certainly got chickenpox.

DH is away until Thurs pm so I'm going to at least ahve to take tomorrow and Thursday off. Hopefully DH will take Friday & after that...gulp!

Do most people take time off in this way (i.e. unpaid leave) or do you take holiday?

Marina Tue 23-May-06 20:46:39

Ask. I was gobsmacked to find that I can take FIVE emergency parental days in a year, paid, before I dip into either paid or unpaid parental leave.
I'm not sure whether this is a new innovation in my organisation but it was certainly welcome news to me...and I used it for chickenpox, which is one of the few illnesses they get now where you need to take a few days off on the trot.
Do check because employer policies differ. You will rarely encounter eyerolling over CP in my experience because it is a no-brainer that every child gets it once only (well usually) and they usually get it before they turn five.
(Was going to add a jaunty aside about trying to get past the GP's dragonish receptionists, but maybe not )

hulababy Tue 23-May-06 20:48:56

I get a certain number of day's paid too. Not sure how many 3 or 5 I think. I did however get a doctor's note from my GP to cover me when DD had conjuctivitus recently. It said "dfamily reasons" as the reason behind it - so it went on my sick days instead.

DH doesn't technically, but because of the nature of his work he can choose to work from home for a day or so.

vitomum Tue 23-May-06 20:52:15

my employer also gives 5 paid 'carers day' a year. they are to look after sick dependants during emergencies - so exactly things like chicken pox. If all these were used up i would have to take annual leave.

Mercy Tue 23-May-06 20:52:39

Depends on your employer. dh can apply for 'carer's leave' if for example I am ill and can't look after the children - but is discretionary. He's had to this twice and got paid both times.

Some employers call it special leave _ I've had to do it for my widowed mum too following an operation. No-one else to look after basically.

Mercy Tue 23-May-06 20:54:11

no-one else to look after her I meant.

FrayedKnot Tue 23-May-06 21:14:34

No I am fairly sure they will be unpaid days .

I have already had to take 2 days off sick myself with tonsillitis and they weren't paid because I am still within my 3 month probabtionary period.

Gaah! I will have made a loss this month.

No problem getting Drs appointments round here though - I must know how to work the system, he he.

Bozza Tue 23-May-06 21:16:07

Hula did your doctor really give you a sick note because DD had conjunctivitis? DD has had it loads of times and it never occurred to me that I could do such a thing. Although TBH she has never had 5 days off with it.

I usually take annual leave if the kids are ill or (if it is DS and he is not too bad) cajole DH into working at home. I was extremely fortunate that DS and DD both had chicken pox while I was on maternity leave. Poor little 5 month old DD was less fortunate.

nikkie Tue 23-May-06 21:47:17

I work ina school so no annual leave to use, either take unpaid or swap days with my job share

hulababy Tue 23-May-06 21:49:34

Yes. I went to GP to have it confirmed and to get some AB drops for her. Explained that I had just had time off the previous week (holiday leave) and work wouldn't be impressed - not moaning, just chat as you do. And she said that she'd write me a doctor's note to cover me for the absence. I have nver known it to happen befor eeither, but thought it was a great idea.

hulababy Tue 23-May-06 21:50:59

DD needed 2 days from nursery - the two I work. I had had been in the Tuesday, then had to have the Wed/Thurs off. It was clear by the weekend.

Bozza Tue 23-May-06 21:57:41

Ours are let back to nursery 24 hours after treatment. They've never been miserable with conj. so you end up sat round the house with this cooped up child...

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