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New job and I don't like my hours, need some perspective and advice

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BearFrills Fri 03-May-13 10:04:11

I started my new job six weeks ago, public sector and I'm on a relatively small team who are all lovely. I hated my previous job (also public sector but a different area) so it's great to be doing a job I actually enjoy.

But my hours really aren't doing it for me.

I'm part time and do 17.5hrs over five days. On paper this seemed like it would be fine as I start work after DH finishes so we don't even need childcare and "it's only 3.5hrs a day". Now that I'm in the job though it's totally different because I've realised it's five days a week. Part of the reason I got a part time job was to get away from the Monday-Friday grind but I find myself still doing it albeit for a shorter work day. When I've sat down and calculated it all it takes me longer to get ready and then travel to/from work than I'm actually at work.

I've already raised it with my manager and said that I know I took the job knowing it was five days but that theory and practice are two different things. I've made it clear that my ideal would be 2-3 full days, even if it meant I was covering the late shift for those days. She says she has nothing at present but will keep me in mind.

I'm not about to storm in issuing ultimatums about my hours or demanding a change and I'm not going to walk out. I don't want to push too hard either in case they say they no longer need me.

Maybe I just need a slap?

DoingItForMyself Fri 03-May-13 10:23:20

I'm with you Bear. I was offered a Mon-Fri 9-1 job recently and having thought about it I realised that I would have no life of my own if I took it, I would still need to pay for childcare through the school holidays but as it is a morning only job, I wouldn't have a regular child minder so would need to find clubs/activities etc which would take all of my wages on those days.

As you say, actually doing 2-3 full days rather than 5 short ones would mean the same number of working hours but far fewer travelling/preparing for work hours and I would still get some time to myself for housework, shopping, appointments etc on the other 2 weekdays. It just makes more sense.

I don't think you need a slap, but I guess it depends on how much you need this particular job and how likely you would be to find something that works better for you. Would they consider a job-share? That would be my ideal.

flowery Fri 03-May-13 10:25:02

Well if you've spoken to your manager and she is going to bear your preference in mind, and you are not going to leave and (wisely) are not going to be demanding or issuing ultimatums, then there's nothing you can do to change the job, the only thing you can do is see what changes you can make at home to make it easier, and/or focus on the positives, which as you don't need childcare, are probably financial as well as loving rather than hating the job. Both of those are big things!

Crinkle77 Fri 03-May-13 15:24:21

Sorry but your employers were clear about the hours and you accepted knowing what the hours would be. If Im were a new employer i would not be very impressed if you asked for a change of hours already. I think your employer is being fair in that they will keep you in mind but they areb under no obligation to do so

Champagnebubble Sat 04-May-13 19:20:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BearFrills Sat 04-May-13 21:09:48

Thanks everyone, some much needed perspective has been gained smile

I've got a meeting with my manager next week so I'm going to point out to her the positives (enjoying it, settling in well, etc) and reiterate "I know there are no shift changes in the offing right now and that's fine but if at any point in the future ... etc".

WarmFuzzyFun Sat 04-May-13 21:19:00

To be honest Bear, I wouldn't mention it again, not after having mentioned it so recently.

You've said it once, there is nothing at the moment.

DiscoDonkey Sat 04-May-13 21:22:23

I wouldn't mention it again, you've already told her and she's acknowledged it.

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