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southeastastra Fri 12-May-06 14:49:36

Hello, I have to do an NVQ , do you know if employers pay for your time to do it? Im mad at mo as they say I shouldn't get paid to do it.

beckybrastraps Fri 12-May-06 14:56:51

I think they would usually pay for the course itself, but not for the time.

southeastastra Fri 12-May-06 15:17:09

Ok it just seems unfair when you have to have it yet won't be paid for the time to do it, I have to get and pay for a babysitter so it will cost me to do it! Thanks for reply.

lexiemum Mon 15-May-06 06:16:04

we fund nvq's, however they expect the employees to do them but there isn't any official time during the working day given to do this. I have 3 assessors within my team and as most of practical stuff happens as they do their job, as long as they keep a diary of events -it makes life easier. we're in care so when on late shifts there's no reason why the candidates haven't got time to do their part as it's usually just sitting in front of the tv from 7.30pm for the clients. this is usually used constructively by placing the assessor on shift with the candidate - gives them 2-3hrs dedicated nvq time.

compo Mon 15-May-06 06:18:27

Where I work they pay and you get one morning a week I think to do the paperwork. The rest has to be done at home.

southeastastra Tue 16-May-06 23:03:06

This NVQ is the most confusing thing I've come across!

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