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New job and negotiating salary and hours??

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Macey78 Mon 01-Apr-13 22:46:10

Background - DH is being made redundant from his current employer at the end of the month, currently works 3 days (juggling child care by both of us working part time, just got lucky that when he took the job on it was advertised at 3 days therefore no negotiations were required).

He has been offered a new job which is lower paid. DH has never negotiated his salary and whenever he changes his job starts at the bottom of the scale!! With the current climate we need all that we can get. Therefore I am encouraging him to negotiate however now I am on the spot and am not sure how to approach this as I have had the same job for 10+ years and have not been in this situation.

What do we need to say in the email?

Also he knows that he is unlikely to get it however would like to ask to work 4 days a week and if that is not possible 5 days over 4.

Any help welcome. Many Thanks

flowery Tue 02-Apr-13 09:31:07

On what basis would you be arguing he is worth more than the offered salary? Does he offer anything extra in terms of skills and experience than they were looking for? Was he headhunted or one of many suitable applicants?

A lot depends on how much they want him in terms of how strong his position is for negotiating. Also how much he might be willing to walk away, which as he is being made redundant, I'm guessing is not that willing...?

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