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Robert Elms show: two creeps laughing about not giving up a seat to pregnant women

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Londoncommuter Mon 11-Mar-13 13:37:31

Just been listening to two creepy louts, one Robert Elms and an actor I had never heard of, Jason Flemyng, on BBC Radio London, having a creepy guffaw about how they avoid the eye of any woman with a "Baby on Board" badge so they don't have to give up a seat. (And "old women" of course and I presume, the disabled). If BBC Radio London can't broadcast anything better than this, they should just go silent. Creepy, nasty, loutish, and I have to deal with the behaviour of creeps like this every day as I battle to stay on my feet on London transport. Nice to know it's being endorsed by the BBC, an organisation I frequently defend, but beginning to wonder why. If this Jason Flemyng idiot was in anything I would boycott it.

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