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Should I report this girl? Really dodgy comments!

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mummyloveslucy Wed 06-Mar-13 17:23:51

Hi, I work with teenagers and young adults with learning diabilities. I only work nights, so don't get to see much of the other staff.
We have a young girl of 17 working there and she said something that horrified me recently. We were talking about my DD's 8th birthday and I was saying how hard to was to organise all her friends and how competitive thery were re-pass the parcel etc. All said with a smile, then she turned around and said "I hate all children of that age. I'd like to kick them all in the head!" She said it with such conviction and a look of pure hate in her eyes. Then she said No offence. Then repeated it saying they do all need a good Kick in the head though.
It does worry me greatly that someone like this is working with vulnerable young people! Some of which, perhaps have the mental capacity of a 7-8 year old. sad The same age group she's talking about wanting to cause GBH too.

Is this worth reporting to the manager? The problem is, she thinks a lot of this girl, so I doubt she'll do anything. If she has a word with her about it, she'll know that I've said something and that would make it awkward for me.

She said it in front of another member of staff who was pretty shock, but I know she won't say anything.

MerryMingeWhingesAgain Wed 06-Mar-13 17:29:18

I would have said something to her myself. Along the lines that it is inappropriate and unprofessional to speak to colleagues in that manner. I would ask to have a word with her in a quiet corner.

If she's only 17 she probably doesn't have much experience of how adults tend to communicate with each other in a work setting, she isn't at school now having some banter with other children, she is being paid to do a caring job and should see how this will make her look silly and unpleasant to her colleagues and the clients.

mummyloveslucy Wed 06-Mar-13 17:34:41

I should've, but I was so tacken back by it. I wasn't sure what to say. She also looked as if she was about to explode with rage. confused

MerryMingeWhingesAgain Wed 06-Mar-13 17:40:30

If she does it again, give her a polite calm bollocking. Really.

She may have no clue what a tit she is being, the sooner you tell her the sooner she can start behaving like a grown up.

If she gets the hump, what is she going to do? Complain to the manager 'All I said was I would like to kick small children's heads in, and mummyloveslucy said I shouldn't' confused

She's only a kid. I know I was utterly crap at several jobs at that age TBH, but you learn as you go along, point out her error of judgement kick her ass


abbyfromoz Wed 06-Mar-13 17:42:07

It's not too late to talk to her directly... Just ask her if you can talk to her about something that has bothered you that she said- voice your concerns and explain that saying things like that have to be taken very seriously in your line of work. I think 17 is still very very young though and it's possible she just put her foot in it or likes to say things to get a strong reaction... A sign of immaturity...

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