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Tight boss stories

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theredhen Thu 22-Nov-12 06:05:55

It's high time I found another job but the hours are right and I live somewhere very rural so local work is hard to find but I thought if share my bosses meanness in the hope that some of you have similar experiences.

Part time office based worker, working for sole trader.

Been there three years, no pay rise, none for my colleague either. No meetings to discuss performance.

Comments over the years have included how she doesn't feel it's good practice to have a hot drink on arrival into the office, snideyjokey comments to clients on how she is doing her staff a favour by employing them.

Not even a Christmas card from her. Did. Have a Christmas meal out the first year but no partners invited, promised a day out for Christmas treat to take place in January. We are still waiting.

Clients bring in bottles of wine, chocolates for us all for Christmas, boss takes them all

Heating turned down to 18 degrees.

Holiday time rounded down and calculated by some online calculator that is wrong, either that or she lies and knows she's fiddling us but as its only by a couple of hours, knows we won't complain.

Offered a promotion to run a new branch two years ago, no sign if any new branch coming soon, although told at the time would be within six months.

One day off sick in three years, was actually paid for it! But it was made very clear she was doing me a favour.

We get free tea And coffee but readily comments on how we are "always" drinking tea and coffee and how good she is for not stopping our pay. In a 7 hour day, we have three hot drinks.

Any overtime worked at her request, is made quite clear will not accrue any extra holiday. We get less than statutory minimum anyway (see above).

I'm sure there are more I could think of.

Anyone else got similar tales?

RichardSimmonsTankTop Thu 22-Nov-12 19:18:26

She sounds dreadful. WHY do you not say anything? You're entitled to take the full amount of holiday. Don't let her do this! She's not doing you a favour by employing you, you are earning her income and keeping her business going.

Anyway. My friend worked for the tightest woman ever. It was at a school in Japan. Three examples I can think of:

1. The boss took the class out to McDonald's. The three teachers were bought one Happy Meal to share.

2. The boss refused to turn the heating on until November 1. Two weeks before that there was a cold snap - proper blizzards, snow drifts etc. Heating stayed off and the boss stopped coming into work because it was 'too cold' for her.

3. My friend's household bills came through the boss. The bill came to, say, £10.02. My friend just had £10 on her so gave it to the boss. The boss then asked every day for the 2p. My friend withheld it just to annoy her until the boss finally deducted it from her pay.

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