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appraisals advice needed

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vegetariandumpling Sat 06-Oct-12 19:04:59


Does anyone know if you have a right to have a union rep at your appraisal? The reason I'm asking is because at my last 'appraisal' if you can call it that, we weren't told it was an appraisal, weren't given time to prepare, weren't allowed to write anything down, only my manager wrote a report and sent it to head office. I only know that it was an appraisal because another manager told me that later. Now, my colleague has decided she wants a proper appraisal so has asked my manager, and now we'll be having proper ones which are properly recorded etc. In the last one, my manager spent the whole 45 minutes just critising me, and listing every fault I've made since I started and other mistakes which were not actually my own. She also spent 20 minutes repeatedly asking how I could have made a particular 'mistake' that was actually something she told me to do!

I'm so dreading having to sit through that again, I'm actually crying just thinking about it, and especially as it will be written down now that I knew about it and it will look like everything she says is true.

Do I have any rights to have a union rep present? or if not a senior manager? Or to insist on a 360 degree appraisal? Because she will not agree to any of these unless it's set out in law somewhere so otherwise it will just be her version of events.

flowery Sat 06-Oct-12 20:00:59

No there's no laws about appraisals, it's entirely up to the employer whether to conduct them and what process they use.

If you raise a grievance you will be entitled to bring your union rep to the grievance hearing.

ToothbrushThief Sun 07-Oct-12 20:19:07

I would have thought you have the right to see copy of the appraisal and dispute it

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