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Some Tips on Applying for Jobs

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nickelbabe Fri 21-Oct-11 11:41:20

When you write a covering letter, please put the prospective employer's name on it.
This applies if it's directly to an advert or if it's just sending your CV out on Spec.
To the employer, you are more likely to get a look-in if you say "Dear Ms Don" rather than "Dear Sir/ Madam".

Then follow up with why you want to work for that company.
don't just put something generic as "I am interested in working for your company and wondered if you have any current vacancies as a sales assistant within your shop."

the first thing the employer wants is to know that you really do want to work in this company, not just any company.

My biggest hint, (especially if you've listed "Word" as one of your skills in your CV) is to use Mail-merge.
Get the names and addresses of the people that you're sending your letter to, and put them in a mail-merge. Then it will automatically put your fields in when you print them out.
Don't forget, if you are putting "Dear Ms Don" , then you should end "yours sincerely".
Also, type your name at the bottom of the "yours sincerely", and then write your name in in pen after you've printed. (in the gap between the two)

Your CV is the document that lists your skills and experience, and it doesn't have to be personalised to the job, but your covering letter fillsin the "person" part of it. It says why you think you are valuable, what you can give, and why you think that person would like to employ you.
Most companies these days have websites - look on those for themanager's name. If you can't find them, then ring them up and ask.

Lizcat Fri 21-Oct-11 16:24:20

Nickel whilst for general applications I would agree with you in certain professions I would personalise this for the job. Recently I advertised the position and 50% of CVs went in the immediate no pile as their experience seemed to have the wrong bent for us. When I applied for the similar job 13 years ago I adapted each CV for the individual job highlighting my experience that is relevant for the job.
My massive hint is please look at a companies website and use this information for the covering letter.
Finally if there are two names in the ad don't just write to the man, as actually the woman maybe more senior.

SenoritaViva Fri 21-Oct-11 16:27:43

Substantiate what you say with examples. Everyone says 'I can work in a team and work well on my own'. That sentence is so dull and goes straight in the no pile unless the person has said, 'I worked as part of a team in Project X' and 'I worked on my own and got results in Project Y'. Say who you really are and what skills you bring, not what you think the employer wants to hear as everyone else says that you and look the same as the other 100.

nickelbabe Fri 21-Oct-11 16:53:32

Liz - yes, I definitely agree with you.
My point was mainly for those who were just applying on sepc for a job like a shop assistant (in my case)
my bookshop name is splattered all over the internet: the website is in the Yellow Pages, so anyone can find out my name without much effort at all. smile

Senorita - oh, yes, that one is a very good tip.

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