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Careers advice anyone?

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Bluesue26 Wed 31-Aug-11 08:27:15

I was wondering if anyone could offer me some advice. After years of working in the hospitality/retail industry at all levels I feel like I want to retrain and get out. I'd love to train as a beautician as sad as it sounds my only real hobby is cosmetics, (God that makes me sound soooo sad lol). There are a few colleges close to me that run the courses however I'm unsure of how much it's all going to cost. From what I've understood it will cost in the region of £1500 and there's absolutely no way I can afford that. Does anyone know of any discounts on fees for mature students? I know it's a long shot and I don't expect to do it for free I just wondered if there were any way to get it a bit cheaper. Thanks in advance x

mousesma Wed 31-Aug-11 08:40:38

Do you have any other qualifications? My local adult education college will let you do the ITEC Level 2 Fast Track course free as long as you don't have a level 2 qualification i.e. 5 A-C GCSEs or equivalent.

Otherwise if you are claiming JSA or Income Support you may not have to pay.

mousesma Wed 31-Aug-11 08:42:23

ITEC course is in Beauty Therapy (forget to say that bit)

Bluesue26 Wed 31-Aug-11 11:30:06

Well I have a business degree and we don't claim benefits. It's frustrating because I can only work one day a week now as it will cost too much in childcare costs and any spare cash left always gets eaten up by something else. Oh well, I'll focus my attention into winning the lottery lol.

BarkisIsWilling Wed 31-Aug-11 22:19:57

Have you checked the Hotcourses and Learndirect websites? There may be other modes of learning you could access.

laracroft2001 Wed 07-Sep-11 17:15:34

I work for a very large cosmetics company. Best way to get trained (and paid) is to get a job on a cosmetics counter and train through them. Though the will only train on their products, you can be trained to be a skin expert, therapist or a make up artist through these companies. Also, actual experience is a lot more valued than some of the courses that people pay a lot of money for.

pluses are 1. you get paid to train, 2. usually paid commission, 3. Often can train for management experience, 4. Dealing with public every day can build up loyal clients and a reputation 5. great benefits with cosmetics companies.

Minuses are that they are predominately selling roles, and retail hours can be tough (though also flexible which can be great if you are a parent)

Have a think about what interests you more, then go for it with relevant brands. I.e if you are all about skincare and being a therapist - Elemis, Clarins, lancome and Clinique would be the ones to contact

If you are more interested in make up artisit - Mac, benefit, etc.

You already have retail experience, so assuming you are good with people you will be great at it!

Honestly, as an employer - some of these courses are not worth the money that they charge.

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