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Employment lawyer

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pregnantcitygirl Fri 29-Jul-11 11:12:17

Does anyone have the name of a good employment lawyer? By good I mean quick and ruthless and not too expensive! I'm in the lengthy process of being made redundant ( 23 weeks pregnant too!) and my company is being very unfair about even letting me know my own position. Help!

foodjunkie Sun 31-Jul-11 22:14:58

Have PMd you.

Grevling Sun 31-Jul-11 22:44:18

"and my company is being very unfair about even letting me know my own position."

Remember that HR is there to look after the company not you. Try CAB or a local solicitor. Its no good using a employment lawyer who is 300 miles away. Sometimes you just need a face to face meeting.

Why do you not think that work are following the letter of the law?

pregnantcitygirl Mon 01-Aug-11 10:12:17

thanks Grevling,

long and complicated story. They tried to breach contract at first but I held them to it and now they are dragging their feet and not furnishing me with information regarding my legal standing as a partner. I have a handle on it now I hope!

Grevling Mon 01-Aug-11 10:35:40

Well if you're a partner them maybe its a bit more complicated than the usual questions, in which case it might be worth looking at a specialist firm.

StillSquiffy Mon 01-Aug-11 17:30:12

Bindmans, Russell, Jones & Walker, and Charles Russell all have v good employment teams. Expensive but first hour will be free, and they'll give you enough advice to clarify your options. Check your household insurance to see if you are covered for employment law advice.

MrsWobble Tue 02-Aug-11 17:34:35

not to alarm you but if you are a "real" partner you may not have any employment rights. although having said that if you are in this position they also can't make you redundant. do you have either an employment contract or partnership deed? that might help clarify your legal position.

pregnantcitygirl Thu 04-Aug-11 17:08:56

I think I've sorted things out. Thanks StillSquiffy, we do have cover and Mrs Wobble,I have an employment contract so luckily have rights. Thanks again for the help.

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