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Arrrr banks & POA

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wonkylegs Thu 26-Oct-17 14:05:25

I have just spent 20mins trying to make an appointment with the bank to sort out my mums POA.
We have all the official paperwork and everything is properly registered but they kept saying because my mum won't be coming to the appointment that they may not accept it. They will let me know at the appointment.
The whole point of the bloody thing is because she can no longer manage things like this so I am doing it for her. Arghhh
They then asked if they could phone her to check - she has Alzheimer's and gets confused & upset so easily that I said I would prefer it if they didn't (explaining why) and they said well that might make if more difficult.
It's crackers they have all my details (I'm a long term customer), my mums details (she's an ex employee) and I have all the official paperwork - yet that might not be enough!
I just want to be able to pay her fucking bills Arghhhh!!!!!
I've even said yes to a really inconvenient appointment as it's the only one they have for the next month! It better get sorted or I think I'm going break down and cry in branch.

peppalongstocking Thu 26-Oct-17 14:29:24

Oh dear, you have my sympathy. We had a similar experience when my dad tried to set me up as POA over his account - brought all the relevant legal paperwork, his ID, my ID, gave my full contact details etc - as he was advised to do. Anyway the worst part was that they said, "oh great, that's all set up then" ... and then when I came in to deposit a cheque in HIS name onto HIS account while he was out of the country for a few months, I was told "sorry no can do" - because POA wasn't set up properly. Apparently I had to go in with him that time when he was setting it up and sign in front of them that I agree to be his nominated POA ... clearly the legal POA document where I signed in front of two lawyers to say the SAME thing was not enough confused. The annoying bit was the fact that until then they assured him twice that all was set up and I could come in and sort his affairs whenever ... yeah, right hmm

peppalongstocking Thu 26-Oct-17 14:32:35

Sorry, the point of that was - it sounds like they are unsure re: how to deal with this, - can you speak to someone above whoever you've dealt with so far -e.g branch manager?

wonkylegs Thu 26-Oct-17 15:01:12

Unfortunately you can only speak to the call centre who then phone the branch for you. It's a barmy system. I have written myself a note to remind myself to get direct contact no's, names and double check everything at the appointment. I wish they didn't have to make a hard thing even harder though. I was exhausted from the phone call.

DPotter Thu 26-Oct-17 15:09:11

be prepared for the long haul.
I have family & friends who had to make between 6-11 visits to the bank to establish POA.
The problem is - the 'managers' at branches are staff managers not knowledge of how to get stuff done managers if you see what I mean. So there's no point in asking for the manager, as they simply don't know. Given that there will be more and more POA in the future, it really would be worthwhile for banks to train up staff. Even if they had a small team of experts it would be better than the current system which frankly is appalling.
It's not just banks, utlities, insurance companies - all the same poor level of service

CMOTDibbler Thu 26-Oct-17 15:15:57

Someone on here (probably NeedsmoreSleep as she's fab on this) recommended printing out the PoA page from the relevant banks website so that you have something to refer to when the branch staff get it wrong!

wonkylegs Thu 26-Oct-17 15:33:22

Good idea I'll do that.

neverundersold Thu 26-Oct-17 15:37:33

Have done similar with my Dad, he banks with Barclays. We both had to attend an appointment I had to take all kinds of proof of who I was as I do not bank with them. The lady we saw sought advice online with her head office if she had questions and the whole thing was done within 40 minns. 10 days later I received bank card and online banking log in and have so far not had any problems. However a few years ago my dad tried to do the same for his sister who was housebound and unable to attend the branch, (not Barclays) and the bank would not entertain him. He ended up having to go through the Court of Protection, it was a total nightmare. I think in your position I would phone the banks head office and ask to speak to someone who deals with POA and try and find out if you are going to be able to action he POA without your mum having to attend the branch. Good luck with it.

wonkylegs Thu 26-Oct-17 16:46:40

Well I've just had another 20min phone call in which they have said they can do the POA without my mum present but not on the day they originally arranged, this time it was the branch who phoned me so they knew what they could and couldn't do and she said she had been doing a lot of them recently, which hopefully means they've had some practice . It's easier as I have an account with them too but she said it still takes at least an hour to do it. Unfortunately the day they can do it now means I have to take my toddler with me, so I think I will be packing a bag of peppa pig dvds and lots of chocolate and I'm pencilling in a stiff drink that evening.

LoafEater Thu 26-Oct-17 19:11:37

It's really ridiculous. I am POA for my uncle and the banks just don't get it! It was a total nightmare for me too, and I had to explain it so many times to people who just should have known. I dont understand why it's not part of basic staff training.

Alonglongway Sat 28-Oct-17 02:52:22

Did POA this year: 2 parents, two attorneys, 2 accounts - very hard work

By sheer luck, first meeting was with old style manager at Lloyds who was brilliant. I don’t bank with Lloyds myself but came away feeling they are genuinely dementia friendly

grannycake Sat 28-Oct-17 05:55:16

HSBC were helpful but the whole process took 4 appointments and was extremely stressful.

wonkylegs Thu 09-Nov-17 07:43:16

Very glad to report that although it did take a long appointment POA is lodged with Lloyds bank and they were actually really great.
I've also done my first transfer to pay some bills so it's working.
I also watched the counter staff go the extra mile and help a 91yo lady with patience and dignity which was fab.
There appointment system leaves much to be desired but once I got in branch I couldn't fault them.

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