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Mela ideas please

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taptonaria27 Mon 27-Feb-17 12:38:52

I can only visit my dad every couple of weeks and am looking for ideas of what meals I can take for his freezer please?
So far I've tended to take spaghetti Bol, chilli and rice or shepherds pie - lids of mince?
He used to eat everything so he's not picky but it needs to be v simple to heat up and preferably have some veg as he's eating a lot of sweet stuff and v little fruit and veg

thesandwich Mon 27-Feb-17 22:06:51

My DM loves m and s ready meals.

PurpleDaisies Mon 27-Feb-17 22:08:28

Stews and curries freeze very well.

ChrissyHynde Mon 27-Feb-17 22:08:41

Try Wiltshire farm foods.

Greenteandchives Mon 27-Feb-17 22:10:23

Fish pie? Chicken casserole?
If you can get to M and S their meals are lovely. I used to get them for my dad. They are not too big.
What about Wiltshire Farm Foods? Would he have those delivered? They are quite good value. You could let him choose from the catalogue.

NannyR Mon 27-Feb-17 22:18:44

We got meals delivered for an elderly relative, they were subsidised through the council but were delivered by Wiltshire farm foods (so the same meals but slightly cheaper). They would deliver every fortnight and put them all in the freezer for him, they had very clear instructions how to heat from frozen in a microwave or oven.
The council also had a daily hot meal service.

ALemonyPea Mon 27-Feb-17 22:35:37

I agree on M&S ready meals. Used to get them for MIL and they weren't much more than in Tesco.

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