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Help - caring for mil post op

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Laceybean Tue 25-Oct-16 16:53:22

My mil decided following her husbands death to move closer to us, it was never really discussed what this would entail as she was independent.

By the time the contracts exchanged the situation had changed and walking had become difficult therefore next week she is having a knee replacement.

My husband and I help her as much as we can, I fetch her shopping every week and run errands, my husband does maintenance jobs of which there are loads.

She's had her pre op today and they told her she will be home after the op after approx 3 days and that our local social services no longer provides a care package meaning it seems like we're on our own.

I told her initially I will pop around daily after work to get her dinner etc and check on her and generally help. She said when she had the other knee done that she needed careers to wash her feet and put her surgical stockings on. I really don't want to do this and am very uncomfortable providing this type of care.

Do we have any options, she's very well off (albeit tight) so I'm wondering whether we could hire a carer in the short term?

thesandwich Tue 25-Oct-16 21:22:40

Yes you can hire carers to do this- sounds like you need to get this in place and set a precedent that care will be done by others. There are some brilliant carers out there.... age U.K. Or your local authority may well have lists or contact your gp etc. My elderly dm's carer has been helping a male friend in his early 50's with stockings etc post hip replacement- makes a nice change for her from grumpy old ladies!

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