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Caring for Mum during chemo

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DaniAlvez Thu 21-Jul-16 21:07:20

Any advice gratefully received.

My Mum has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Drs think it's localised and they can operate but she was told today that if it has spread (she's waiting on a biopsy to check) then chemo would be the way forward. Dr told Mum she would not be able to live alone during chemo as she would need round the clock care. I am happy to have Mum live with me (and DH, DS5 and DD2) but I can't care for her full time and look after the two DCs. I live 2 hours from Mum and the hospital that is treating her so there will be a lot of travel involved as well. I can't imagine how Mum is going to endure a two hour car journey after chemo?

Mum is widowed, I have a brother who lives 1 hour away from me. He and his wife both work full time and have 2 under 3 in full time nursery. So I imagine they won't be able to help too much.

Any suggestions about what we could do for Mum during chemo? Would a care home take her on a respite basis? Hospice care? I'll be ringing Macmillan tomorrow for some advice but just wondered if anyone has any experience and advice for us?

Thanks All

CMOTDibbler Fri 22-Jul-16 21:28:45

The people to talk about care during your mums chemo are the nurses on the oncology unit. They will be used to helping people work out the logistics, and about the reality of how much care people need.

The other option, if your mum wants, is to consider getting your mums care transferred to a hospital near you if she lives with you. But take it one day at a time for now.

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