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Looking for a nursing home in Edinburgh-any recommendations

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lemonsherbet Sat 02-Jan-16 16:58:16


Looking for a nursing home and live almost 400 miles away. I wondered if any one could help by recommending somewhere. Ideally with a phone in each residents room. She is in respite at the moment, but not getting on there. Says most of the other residents have dementia and so has no one to talk to. Tells me she has nothing to do but sit there staring at the wall. Also a long walk to the phone, so is finding that exhausting. We are looking for a nursing home, multiple falls and now broken bones. Needs help physically and has been having people go in multiple times a day, but now that is not going to be enough.

Any help anyone could give would be most appreciated. I do know I will have to visit them but just so overwhelmed at the moment.

Happy New Year

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