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Downsizing - a success story

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BombayBunty Thu 06-Feb-14 17:46:32

My father died 5 years ago. My mother has not coped well since his death, he did everything for her, she could just about write a cheque. She is now 81 with reduced mobility, but reasonably on the ball!
She has been living in the large family home for the last 30 years. She decided she wanted to move to somewhere smaller and we persuaded that a retirement flat was preferable to a bungalow, at least she'd have some social contact. It's taken ages to find one, but we finally did, and she moved two weeks ago.
Nobody pushed her into moving but we all agreed it was a good idea, she wouldn't put the heating on in the house as it was too expensive, she wouldn't pay for any maintenance either.
Since moving she phones me daily to tell me about the arm chair exercise class she's been to, who she's met and had round for tea and today's excitement was an invite to fish and chip night. I can't believe how well she's taken to her new life, the initial excitement could wear off but we're so relieved/happy/overwhelmed with the result of her move, it could've gone horribly wrong!

SwimmingMom Thu 06-Feb-14 17:55:36

Sounds lovely. Caring for elderly parents is our duty & finding the right balance between independence & support can be tricky. Glad that its worked out so well and she has the right company to keep her cheerful! Well done on choosing the right place!

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