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What would you do? Need a holiday but ds1 starts new nursery school.....

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mumbojumbo Thu 18-Aug-05 11:27:19

Probably sounds abit trivial but I need some good advice from you lovely mumsnetters!

DS1 (3.9month old) starts at his new nursery school in September going 5 mornings a week. Prior to this he did 3 sessions a week at a different pre-school in the area. The new nursery school is attached to the primary school where I hope he will attend in due course (LEA willing).

Now, the issue.

DH hasn't taken any holiday over the summer so I've been entertaining the boys (ds2 is 22 months) myself apart from the w/e's when dh is about (altho' usually diying or busy!). Don't object as I'm a SAHM although I have to confess to being absolutely kn*ckered! I'd really like DH to spend some quality time with the boys, apart from bathtime when we are all tired.....I feel he's missing out on the lovely pre-school, growing up days with the boys.

I would really like a break. Nothing flash - couple of days UK based self catering would be fine. Problem is DH wants to go away from the "school holidays". I'm of the opinion that I don't want DS1 to miss his nursery class. I know that he doesn't legally have to attend school until he's 5 and the we really are tied to the school holiday times. I guess a couple of days aren't really going to matter in the long run, but then I worked hard to get him into this nursery school and want the best for him. As usual my needs don't feature on the radar!

C'mon mumsnetters - what do I do?

Sorry for rambling on.....and i hope this makes some kinda sense!

Maddison Thu 18-Aug-05 12:18:29

My DS1 was due to start nursery attached to the primary school last sept, we went on holiday and DS1 missed the first week unfortunately this was the only time I could get off work and the nursery was understanding about that, if it's only going to be a few days i don't think theres a problem hth

starlover Thu 18-Aug-05 12:20:10

why don't you talk to the nursery and see what they think

i don;t think for a moment that his education or anything will in any way suffer by taking some time out... but he may want to go for the first week so he starts with all the others

how about a long weekend away? that way he would only miss friday and monday

FairyMum Thu 18-Aug-05 12:22:58

I understand your dilemma, but would personally let him start with the others. A gentle induction week will probably do him good.

sunnydelight Thu 18-Aug-05 14:13:45

As a mum of three now firmly stuck with taking holidays in school holiday times only, I so miss the days when we could take (much cheaper) holidays when we wanted so would say take him away and don't worry about it - once he starts reception you're on the treadmill so enjoy the flexibility while you can. I would talk to the nursery, but only out of politeness to tell them your plans (as presumably he has a funded place). Good luck.

mumbojumbo Thu 18-Aug-05 17:05:37

Thanks all for your replies.

We have two weekend aways booked in September (long standing commitments) which mean ds1 misses a Friday morning for one and a Monday morning for another. I'll mention this to the school at the home visit before term starts in September as yes, he has a funded place.

Then I think I'll suggest to dh that we sort something out maybe around next Easter for a week (I'll talk to the school first) - I've found a couple of lovely UK short breaks on the web so it would be good to have something to look forward to.

I think the long weekend option of Friday pm, Saturday and back Sunday night would be an option - if only for a change of scene for me!

Thanks again.

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