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Green Eggs & Ham?

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katymac Tue 12-Jul-05 21:42:00

What reading age would confidently be able to read Green Eggs & Ham?

I am "trying" to help a 13 yo with reading problems and need to know where we are at now in order to move on.

My DD read it SO long ago - that I can't remember when she would have been reading this....

Help please

Janh Tue 12-Jul-05 21:44:22

Y1 - Y2 I'd have thought, katymac - 6-7 (and some could probably read a lot of it before that - the language is fairly simple and repetitive).

Would you be better borrowing a reading scheme so you could see how you were progressing?

Aimsmum Tue 12-Jul-05 21:46:02

Message withdrawn

KBear Tue 12-Jul-05 21:47:02

My DD is 6 (Yr 1) and could read this about six months ago.

katymac Tue 12-Jul-05 21:51:11

He was having real problems with
Would & Could
Here & There

So he's at about 5yrs reading age

Bu88er I'm out of my depth

I'm used to a budding genius who was reading Famous Five by age 6

Oh well I obviously did something right with her - so I might be able to help him

The school may lend me a set of books I suppose - but will a 13yo want to read that sort of book. I picked Dr seuss 'cos it was nonesence rhyme and thought to go on to poetry as it was less age specific

Janh Tue 12-Jul-05 21:53:37

Could he have dyslexia?

katymac Tue 12-Jul-05 21:59:48

He is statemented with "special Educational Needs" - but his form tutor is not aware of his problem being I'm non the wiser

I think repetition will help.

I also think that boundaries and behaviour managment (like I use on the babies) will also help as his report is awful

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