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Finance for single Mum to do second degree

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ILovetherain Sat 21-Nov-09 14:34:55

Hi, this is the first time that I've posted on here.
I'm a single Mum with 1 dependent child and 1 who's now left home.

I originally studied Nursing at Uni for which I've got an Advanced Diploma. This was funded by the NHS and I had an NHS salary, whilst I was training as I was previously working for the NHS and got seconded to do the Nurse training.

I've been off work now for over 18 months and on incapacity benefit as I was diagnosed with M.E.

I'm thinking about applying to do a Herbal Medicine degree and I'm wondering if anyone knows about funding for a second degree?
I'm also qualfied in massage, Reflexology and a Reiki master so Herbal medicine does meet the needs of the possibility of funding for a vocational degree. I'm still confused tho! Has anyone got any knowledge or experience of this?
Many thanks....

MillyMollyMoo Mon 23-Nov-09 13:03:52

No you do not get any funding for the 2nd degree or masters, you were very lucky to get the first one, nurses these days are expected to start out with £30k of debt like every other graduate.

Ewe Mon 23-Nov-09 13:05:57

As far as I am aware you don't get funding for second degrees or postgrad qualifications. You could apply for a bursary but I would imagine second degree students are bottom of the pile on that too.

mumblechum Mon 23-Nov-09 13:06:38

I'd be focusing more on getting a job than yet another qualification if I were you.

Is it really possible to get a degree in herbal medicine??

Juillet Mon 23-Nov-09 13:08:50

Oh I'm interested to read this as I am hoping to do a first degree, and am a single mum.

is that a different scenario? I have no idea how to organise it so we don't starve.

Good luck OP smile

GypsyMoth Mon 23-Nov-09 13:11:16

open university fund first degree's depending on income

MillyMollyMoo Mon 23-Nov-09 13:13:21

Message withdrawn

littleducks Mon 23-Nov-09 13:17:49

well i'm guessing that when the op did her first degree she wasnt expecting to be diagnosed with M.E ands not be able to work as a nurse

Juillet Mon 23-Nov-09 13:38:25

Thanks for the info...I am really sad that the OP has had some unkind responses though.

I don't pretend to understand the politics of finance and funding so can't really argue either way, but there you go.

chocolateismymiddlename Mon 23-Nov-09 13:42:27

I got funding for a second degree. Why can't you apply?

onadietcokebreak Mon 23-Nov-09 13:47:41

If you were originally funded by the NHS and wanted to do a second degree then that would fall under the student loans company. I think you need to have a look at website and call Student Finance to ask.

Agree the other posters have been a bit harsh. As someone who has personal experience of ME in our family you can not begin to understand the effect it has on life. If the OP now feels better and wishes to retrain then fantastic. Personally I wouldnt go back to normal nursing due to the stress etc. OP is there another branch of nursing that may be better suited to you and emcompass your experiences? Doing a second degree would involve at lot of debt. If you are on Income Support it would prob cease regardless of whether you are entilted to student loan

onadietcokebreak Mon 23-Nov-09 13:49:33

Ignore the bit about I.S as you are on Incapacity. Although that would probably also cease.

Julliet have a look a student loans on direct gov for more info,

telsa Tue 24-Nov-09 08:51:37

You need to look at this if you are thinking of doing a second degree at the same level as the first one. The government has removed its part of the funding for equivalent or lower qualification courses (ELQ), though there are some exceptions. All explained here.

ILovetherain Thu 26-Nov-09 12:50:02

Many thanks to the people that have posted positive and helful responses on here.

Sending love and light to the others.. I wouldn't have expected such nasty and unhelpful comments, after all I'm asking for advice not opinion.

For the record I'm about to become self-employed as a complementary therapist, I'm trained in massage, Reflexology, Em-Tech, Reiki and EFT, herbal medicine will complement these beautifully so that's why I want to re-train, and yes the poster is right that I can no longer work for the NHS because of having M.E.

My plan is to work part-time and do the herbal medicine degree (yes of course you can do a degree in it!), so being able to support myself and my son for whom I don't get any maintenance from his absent father. Obviously it would be difficult to pay uni fees aswell.

Anyhow I've got an interview with a student finance expert on Monday so I'll keep you posted as to what they tell me.

ILovetherain Tue 01-Dec-09 09:39:02

Well it looks as if I am going to be entitled to some help in the form of a maintenance loan and other stuff that's available because I'm a single parent.

This is because my Nursing qualification is not an honours degree, it's an advanced diploma, otherwise I don't think that I'd qualify.

Good luck to Juillet with your studies! It's completeley different for a first degree and I'm sure there will be alot of support available to you. The people at the Uni that you plan to study at are probably better to speak to than the .Gov student finance people who don't seem to know their a*se from their elbow! At least the one that I spoke to didn't anyhow

llareggub Tue 01-Dec-09 09:43:35

Quick message: as a new business, have you contacted your local Business Link for advice re start-ups, availability of grants etc for new businesses? In my area there is an agency specifically aimed at encouraging women into business.

ILovetherain Tue 01-Dec-09 21:39:35

Hi llareggub, no I haven't contacted business link and I will now thanks

birdieisthewordie Tue 30-Oct-12 14:59:44

How did you get funding for your second degree???

please help!!!xxxx

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