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Changes to CRB checks - huge impact on teacher training and visitors in school?

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itchyandscratchy Tue 27-Oct-09 11:21:57

I'm currently trying to write a policy on Safeguarding with particular reference to trainee teachers, school-experience placements and visitors in school. Our LA is crapola and has nothing relevant on its website. I need to check that my facts are right and also if my ideas for meeting the guidelines sound ok to parents/guardians in relation to their children's protection in school.

So the changes to the CRB checks means that, instead of a CRB lasting for your work in your particular county, this is no longer the case and a fresh CRB check is needed for each establishment (ie school)

The official line with trainee teachers is that if your college has done your CRB check through them, any school that accepts this arrangement does so "at their own risk". Reality is that most schools will do their own risk assessment in school as well as checking the trainee's CRB. Should every school demand a fresh CRB for each training placement? (between 8 and 14 weeks and 2 or 3 placements during the course) Who should pay?

However, if anyone wants to do a 'return-to-teaching' short placement at a school, or anyone wanting school experience before applying for a PGCE will also have to have a CRB for that particular school, thus meaning they pay for it themselves, the school applies on their behalf and they have to give at least 10 weeks notice to the school before starting the placement (to give time for the check to be done). That sound OK? I've got one under-grad student asking for a placement with 2 'current'/recent CRB checks for other establishments - do we accept him or insist on a fresh CRB?

And now... should schools accept work experience students from other schools if the student is between 16 and 18, given that you can be placed on the sex offenders register at aged 16?!

What a minefield. I totally agree that Safeguarding should be the priority, and have long thought that current checks are open to loopholes. But I can't help thinking a lot of the above hasn't been considered. If schools or Unis won't pay for lots of CRB checks for non-staff (esp as they will be doing fresh checks for their own staff every 3 years now), will this spell the end of some training in schools?

islandofsodor Tue 27-Oct-09 11:31:17

As far as I am aware currently a CRB check has to be done for each establishment or LEA (depending on policy) that a teacher works in. My dh is a peripatetic teacher and has one for the LEA, and three for individual schools in other LEA's plus one for a college. He has always had his re-done every 3 years.

Under the new ISA system you will have 1 check which will last for a lifetime and each school/organisation will be abel to log on and check whether you are OK to work with children.

At my work we have had to apply for enhanced checks for engineers to work on a school heating system. We did them 2 weeks ago and they arrived over the weekend (even with the post strike) so its pretty quick at the moment.

itchyandscratchy Tue 27-Oct-09 11:47:02

What's the ISA system? Not heard of that at all

scaryteacher Wed 28-Oct-09 11:59:35

The new Independent Safeguarding Authority. You had better google it quickly as this will be the overarching authority for all checks now.

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