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Independent primary schools Cheltenham

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voulezvou Tue 27-Oct-09 08:29:47

What are the independent primary schools in Cheltenham like - looking for co-ed.

ApplesinmyPocket Tue 27-Oct-09 08:47:19

Mt DDs both went to Berkhampstead on Pittville Circus Road - very friendly, happy school, almost 50/50 boys and girls. Good academic record too - they get several scholarships most years to local independents, inc CLC and the Boys' College. Grammar places too. Overall a really lovely, happy school but perhaps a tad outdated in facilities (not that that's everything by a long way and they have done a lot of work since mine left, but essentially the site is a little small.)

More 'modern' (at least in buildings) is Richard Pate's (no connection these days to Pate's Grammar) and has a fantastic reputation - also co-ed - good grounds etc.

Dean Close prep and pre-prep - beautiful surroundings, unparalleled facilities. DD1 went on from Berky to the Senior School there and while it was an excellent school she wasn't particularly happy there (no reflection on the school really) - the pre-prep and prep are lovely.

The Boys' College also takes girls now in the pre-prep and prep, I understand. Lovely grounds and good reputation.

There's also St Edwards - another co-ed school from 3-18 with beautiful facilities and surroundings - co-ed - used to be thought of as 'less academic' than CLC or the others but that may not be true nowadays.

You're spoilt for choice, really! There are others, too, but I think those are the main ones.

voulezvou Tue 27-Oct-09 08:52:47

Wow, thanks for that. How did you find Dean Close senior school academically? I've noticed most of the kids from the prep go onto the senior school and if the senior school is weak then it may be that the prep is weak too. DD really wants to go there but we want to keep our options open for senior schools but don't know how well it prepares.

slummymummy36 Tue 27-Oct-09 17:19:45

We looked at Dean Close. I have to say it was the ONLY school in Cheltenham we looked at as we were looking for prep boarding places.

We liked alot of things about it but I think what put us off was the fact most pupils move onto the senior school - which from what I know is very good and well respected, but like you we wanted to keep our options open. We asked about this at our visit and although all the right things were said about "whats right for the child at that time", we were not fully convinced it was the right choice for us.

Also their fees are staggerd and the last few years of prep school seemed quite pricey at that time. No idea how they compare now.

Our children ended up in an independent prep with no real ties to any senior school but its quite a way from Cheltenham.

voulezvou Wed 28-Oct-09 14:20:38

Thanks for your replies.

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