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Q about EMA

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Howdoyouknowwhattodo Fri 16-Oct-09 14:51:26

As I might be about to become a single parent sad i'm investigating stuff we'd be entitled to, and am confused about EMA.

According to the directgov website, you qualify this year (09-10) based on family income for last year (08-09). Now, if H and I split up during the year, then they'd look at last year's total income which would mean DC1 wouldn't get anything, And then next year, it would be based on this year's family income, which would also be too high to qualify.

Or would they take into account the change in circumstances from now say, and we'd be eligible for the rest of the year, based on actual current income? How does it work?

Milliways Fri 16-Oct-09 17:22:56

No - they stitch you up.

DH lost his job. We then applied for EMA and was told earned too much last year and could not apply till the next September. He got a contract in May, and in October DD started Uni, and there is no way of backdating a claim. We cannot claim now as she is not at school, but they would not consider a "Change of circumstance".

Same with benefits. Earned too much- have to wait till APril to apply. If he lost his job in May we could have claimed immediately, as he lost it in Nov we had to wait until April - new job about to start so good job we had some savings to live off!

Howdoyouknowwhattodo Fri 16-Oct-09 17:39:19

oh bugger. Thanks Milliways. Need to investigate the other benefits as well then, as I could be in the same position with them too. sad

Milliways Fri 16-Oct-09 17:42:33

I would say to phone them though. Maybe different rules for the "newly single"?

If applying on your own - they maybe only want YOUR single income for past years??

(TBH - they did say we could write and appeal to them BUT they also said it wouldn't be worth it as they never say yes!)

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