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Should I forward my complaint to Director of Education

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asdx2 Fri 21-Aug-09 15:21:42

or just let the whole thing go?
Long story but the gist of it is that dd6 with autism and a statement was put in a class with a teacher who had previously had her class removed from her because of emotionally bullying her pupils and for the last 6 years done PPA cover only.
Becuase year 1 teacher was on maternity leave she was given my daughter's class. Problems started early on and I alerted headteacher to my concerns repeatedly. She brought in outside agencies to support teacher and to teach her how to implement strategies detailed in dd's statement. She did for one day and let them slip.
More complaints to headteacher and letters to governing body were met with "we are monitoring the situation"
Dd's anxiety escalated and she started self harming in school, nightmares and wet beds at home. Teacher by then had dropped to three days because of repeated complaints from the majority of parents of the children in her class and I refused to send dd on the days when teacher was there and started looking for an alternative.
Head came up with an action plan which was fundamentally teacher should implement the strategies she had been taught and that were on the statement, she would continue to monitor, deputy head would tidy the classroom and do the lesson plans and ensure work was suitably differentiated for all the class, and they would note when dd self harmed.
Too little too late by then and I removed Lucy as did another parent and another parent had dd removed into foundation unit (bearing in mind only 18 in the class).
Now would have been happy to write it off as a nightmare experience but headteacher implied to Lucy's new school that I lied, was unreasonable and they were glad to off load me. Showed new head log of complaints, injuries and action plan which he called laughable and he assured me that he didn't for one minute believe the head.
Still happy to let it go only to discover that head has also let it leak that I removed dd because of dd's LSA and rather than going through redundancy measures dismissed her when Lucy left. Now I never had any complaints about LSA and now know why she has cold shouldered me when I saw her locally.
So as the title says should I or shouldn't?

edam Fri 21-Aug-09 15:24:46

Yes, do. And tell the LSA the head is a liar.

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