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Playground supervision. What is legal requirement?

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Eaney Wed 25-May-05 19:54:03

Does anyone know what level of supervision there should be in a primary school playground? My DS is constantly coming home with lumps, bumps and cuts and when he describes what he gets up to in the playground I am shocked that it is allowed.

Any info much appreciated.


hercules Wed 25-May-05 19:54:34

What sorts of things is he doing?

Eaney Wed 25-May-05 20:00:37

Hard to describe. He called it a roley poley where he used a wooden fence and spun his body around it a bit like a gymnast on the bars he promptly hit his head on fence. I guess he misjudged it. He also described a similar activity, but more complicated, he does on a higher set of bars which are part of a climbing frame.

Not sure if you can picture this

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