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Headmasters report increasing violence to staff from parents

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happymerryberries Fri 29-Apr-05 07:26:03

In the news this morning the Headmasters union has reported that their staff are coming under more violent abuse and attacks from parents.

So is it any wonder why children are becoming more foul mouthed and abusive?

Sorry to keep posting on this topic but I think that it is essential that parents should know what is happening in schools.

happymerryberries Fri 29-Apr-05 07:30:20

violence in schools

Freckle Fri 29-Apr-05 07:38:56

Unfortunately, it doesn't really surprise me. Very often the children's behaviour is a reflection of their home environment, so when disruptive pupils are dealt with, their parents are not going to be particularly cooperative.

What goes on in our schools does worry me. I've just spent several weeks trying to deal with DS1 being badly bullied (bullying has been going on for a very long time, but seems to escalate at times) and I cannot for the life of me understand why bullies do what they do. Do they get some sort of pleasure out of humiliating and intimidating another child? Is this just their way of dealing with feelings engendered by the way they are treated at home?

So, when you see the children behaving in a certain way as a long-term thing, you have to expect that the parents are not going to be much better. My older sister is the deputy head of a large primary school and some of the tales she tells me about how she is spoken to by parents are truly shocking.

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